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Ernesto Concha Sömjéni

Ernesto internationally known interior decorator, architect and designer, after winning plaudits in Florida and Chile, is now taking on Europe. A true cosmopolitan, he’s someone who can honestly describe many parts of the world as home.

Ernesto does not serve the tastes, but finds the common point between the style, the client and the purpose. It also allows him not to stick to a fashion or style trend. So he can soar between conventions, styles and ages, and – most importantly – create a milieu in which the client feels like home.

As a cosmopolitan decorator and interior designer, he has transformed many properties into homes around the world from Florida (Florida Design), Chile (El Mercurio) or Corsica (Terra Corsa) to Budapest, Hungary (Szép Lak)

– Interior design visualization
– Conceptual designing
– Finding real estate for your purposes
– Consulting before buying a property
– Real Estate Survey and Analysis
– General construction

Little secrets about Ernesto

What do you look in an apartment for the first time?

The opportunity lies in it. The walls. What can be break down. I look the light conditions. These are very important because here lies the opportunities.


What was your favorite work?

I worked for a very good company and I was the owner’s right hand man. There was a project in Miami that didn’t belong to the traditional line that the company used to do and that was my first project. It was a modern line, an African-Japanese fusion. The client had a collection that he wanted to place in the new room…


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Why choose him?


The fashion of the ages does not determine the style. The style itself is timeless. When we look at something, we see immediately whether it is elegant or not. The interiors designed by Ernesto are stylish and elegant.


If you enter an Ernesto – designed home, it will radiate his sophistication. When the quality meets the sense of beauty, that is sofistication. That is Ernesto.


Guaranteed not kitsch environment. It features a home and interior designed by Ernesto Concha Sömjén. Everything is made up of a whole and not just packing parts together. The harmony of theinterior designing.


It is different from any other designer’s work. Recognizable and prestigious.

Favorite works

Jókai street

Modern artdeco inspired

Karoly ring

Modern classic

Damjanich street

Modern classic

Rákóczi street

Modern half loft


Florida design

Bonifacio Corsica

Eotvos street, Budapest

Bajcsizsilinszky street, Budapest

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