What only few people know about me

– What do you look in an apartment for the first time?

The opportunity lies in it. The walls. What can be break down. I look the light conditions. These are
very important because here lies the opportunities.


– What was your first design work?

I worked for a very good company and I was the owner’s right hand man. There was a project in
Miami that didn’t belong to the traditional line that the company used to do and that was my first
project. It was a modern line, an African-Japanese fusion. The client had a collection that he
wanted to place in the new room.. It was important that I came from a multicultural background as
a young student. Otherwise, this project was very fruitful as it won three Florida Design Awards


– What was the most important point in your career?

When the crisis came and I decided to take my own line and trust myself, I stood on my own feet.


– What are your basic questions before each project?

I don’t have questions, but some evidences.


– An interior designer is a man you have to trust. So:


1. Trust.

2. I have to get acquainted with he family, what they like, what they hate, where they spend time.

What is the purpose of the designing?

– Write your style in three words!

timeless, eclectic, elegant


– What are your tips for those who choose a design career?

Nowadays, it may seem, that anybody can think of himself as an interior designer. Learn the
basics! You have to see a lot! See the world. Not only just look at things, but also to understand
them. Why they did it that way? Start with the Greek, Roman classics, get to know the
proportions, the balance of an apartment, a living space, etc.


– Do you have an interior designer ’idol’ and if so, who?

Mies van der Rohe.


– If you were not a designer, what would you be?



– Where are you looking for inspiration?

Every day wherever I go, I don’tjust look at things but actually see them. What did I do in
Barcelona first? I walked through the neighborhoods. If there’s something exciting somewhere, I
surely notice it. My goal is to do what I like. I hope that everywhere I work, I do my best.


– “Less is more …” Is that true?



– When would you feel that you have done everything you can as an interior designer?

Now I feel like I’ve done everything. If I feel the client’s trust I will do everything.


– What is a living room designed by Ernesto Cocha Sömjén?

It is definitely made with a fireplace.