Conceptual designing

During the designing process, the interior designer makes hundreds of decisions from the first idea to the last drawing. So, there is a need for a control principle: a concept that rules every detail. Without this, only ’ad hoc’ decisions can be made, so the end result will not be harmonious.

When we see a nice house, we’re not going to tell you how good the concept was, just seeing how simple the solutions are. If this control principle is missing, we will not see the house as nice.

The concept is eventually the style itself. For example, for Gothic, it is light, for historicism is to discover and improve the architecture of old ages.

But we don’t have to go that far: in fact, we need a concept when designing our lunch or our daily outfit. There is no life without concept.

Ernesto Concha Sömjéni

Ernesto Concha Somjeni, internationally known interior decorator, architect and designer, after winning plaudits in Florida and Chile, is now taking on Europe. A true cosmopolitan, he’s someone who can honestly describe many parts of the world as home. He’s as much a native in Miami, where the newest trends start out across the globe, in Chile where tradition and respect for heritage comes to the forefront, and in Europe, in tune with the ancient classicism and refined elegance appreciated over here.

Thanks to this he has at his fingertips forms in a rich range of styles, and at the same time a desire for completeness and harmony in whichever approach he works in. If you ask him which is really his favorite style, Ernesto replies the most exciting challenge for him is melding different traditions, fusing them into one balanced whole.

His works radiate composure, cleansed freshness, timelessness, and inner synchrony. His mother was of Hungarian origin but grew up in Argentina. He is the child of a Chilean father. He grew up in Chile, studied in Europe and America at the best universities. His practical training look place in Barcelona and Miami, working together with leading designers.

His work is always steered by the client’s vision. Ego and prejudice have no place in client-designer collaborations like Ernesto’s.

For him the most important thing is a deep, intuitive understanding of the commission. This means to bring the client’s dreams and imaginings into the concrete reality of a room or a suite of interior fittings or even just a simple table. Dreams include a client’s most secret desires – these too must assume physical form int he final work. All this happens within the outlines of the client’s personality, faithfully following the client’s lifestyle, serving his or her everyday needs. Ernesto’s design solutions are both trend-forming and classical – provocative and refined – absolutely of today and yet timeless. They must combine permanence and be ready to always renew. They must be refreshing. They must be elegant.

Blended, many-sided, diverse: like our world, our people. Like ourselves.

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